Painting seems simple — just slap it on, right? — but there a many things to think about for a truly professional look. Next time you paint, consider these tips for a finish you can be proud of.

Tip #1: Prevent splatter with plastic wrap

While you will want to remove as much furniture as possible when painting, there will often be some awkward objects remaining — particularly bathroom fixtures. Use plastic wrap to cover these and paint without the fear of spoiling them with errant drips or splatter.

Tip #2: Stop the smell of paint from becoming overpowering

If you add a couple of drops of vanilla extract to a can of paint, you can avoid the overpowering smell of paint and enjoy a sweet fragrance instead.

Tip #3: Use Q-tips to fix small mistakes

When painting it is important to fix any drips or mistakes quickly, before the paint dries. Keep Q-tips to hand so that you can act fast and accurately.

Tip #4: Remove painter’s tape the easy way

There’s nothing worse than your carefully marked-out tape peeling away paint with it. Avoid that by using a hairdryer on low heat. Point it at the tape from about about 7 cm away to soften the tape’s adhesive. This will make pulling it off easy and neat.

Tip #5: Keep your brushes soft

When you are finished painting (whether for the day or longer), soak your brushes in fabric softener. This stops them from becoming dry and stiff. Keeping brushes soft makes painting easier and the results better. To do this:

     1. Rinse the brushes with water only.
     2. Mix half a cup of fabric softener into 3.75 litres of warm water.
     3. Swirl the brushes in the mixture for around 10 seconds each.
     4. Lay them flat overnight to dry.

Happy Painting!