5 Tips To Sell Your Surrey Home Or Condo

Selling your home or condo requires some consideration. The following tips will help you get your property ready to list for sale. While your real estate agent may also have specific tips for you to follow, these tips are general enough for everyone to benefit from.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Many people make a concerted effort to get rid of clutter and other household items that they don't need and don't want to move to a new location. It makes sense to get rid of these items before listing the home or condo for sale. Once these items are gone, the space will appear more spacious, airy, and even clean. If you do not want to permanently get rid of your clutter, simply rent a storage unit to keep these items until you move to your new home.

Keep it Clean

Everyone has busy weeks, but homeowners will want to do their utmost to keep their house or condo clean. This can be difficult especially if children are involved; however, you never know when a realtor will need to show your property. The more showings, the more opportunity there is to sell your home. Try to maintain a cleaning schedule that allows your home to look presentable at all times.

Go Neutral

Many homeowners will give their home a fresh paint job before listing their home. This clean look will complement the appearance of the space. Be sure to choose neutral colors, however, as bold or unusual colors might be off-putting to half your potential buyers. For instance, if you choose plum for your kitchen, a potential buyer might be calculating how many fresh coats of paint it will take to cover it up. A neutral color palette allows buyers to envision their own belongings in the space.

Staging Considerations

You'll want to rearrange furniture in your space so that it appears inviting and welcoming to visitors. If you are selling a vacant property, consider adding some furnishings so that it has some welcoming touches. Your realtor may also be able to help you with some tips for staging your own particular property to its best advantage. You can also search online for additional staging tips that will help you arrange a pleasing space for potential buyers.

Curb Appeal and First Impressions

The exterior of the home will also need some attention. Be sure shrubs are trimmed and that the property looks neat. The front door and porch area should also be kept in optimum condition. Pay attention to the entryway and foyer as this space will deliver the first impression that a buyer will have of the home. Make sure that your home has a pleasant ambience and is devoid of pet smells or odor from smoke or food.

Keep these tips in mind as you get ready to sell your home or condo. Remember to also discuss your property with your Surrey realtor who will likely have other suggestions for you.