Getting Organized Upsizing Or Downsizing Your Home

(January 27, 2015, posted in Recent Posts)

As top realtors in Surrey’s red-hot real estate market, we’ve helped countless clients find the home of their dreams. That’s a great thing – but any move to a new home involves life changes. We try to help make those changes as painless as possible so you can really start enjoying your new home.

Moving from a Condo into a Townhouse

You might think it’s easier to move into a bigger space than to down... read more.

Stop Renting Start Owning In Surrey BC

(January 09, 2015, posted in Recent Posts)

What’s the number-one reason we hear from first-time home buyers who have started looking at Surrey’s hot condo and townhouse market? They’re sick and tired of paying rent.

· “We’re helping our landlord pay off their mortgage – but for us, that rent money might as well disappear into a black hole!”

· “Our landlord just keeps upping the rent every year – but we don’t see any improvement in our qualit... read more.


(October 24, 2014, posted in Recent Posts)

A Website To Get All Your Surrey Condo Tips

Buying a condo is about more than picking a realtor, understanding the rules involved and dealing with home inspections and property appraisals. To be successful buying a condo, you need to be able to draw on multiple skill areas and put them all together on demand. Our new sister site is designed to be a great source of information to... read more.

5 Tips To Sell Your Surrey Home Or Condo

(July 05, 2014, posted in Recent Posts)

Selling your home or condo requires some consideration. The following tips will help you get your property ready to list for sale. While your real estate agent may also have specific tips for you to follow, these tips are general enough for everyone to benefit from.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Many people make a concerted effort to get rid of clutter and other household items that they don't need and don... read more.

How To Choose A Realtor

(May 24, 2014, posted in Recent Posts)

Whether you are buying or selling your home, it's important to find a Surrey Real Estate Agent that is highly qualified and revered for their dedication. Although there are many realtors in business, it can be difficult to make a selection. The following tips will help you choose a realtor so that you can sell your Surrey Condo with the assistance of a consummate professional or buy a new home wit... read more.